I have my own definition of being supportive. Being supportive is not all about being there, make a cheer, give advice. 'Action speaks louder than words' that's the sum of being supportive. 

Sebagai contoh, kawan/suami kau nak berhenti merokok. Bukan sahaja kata semangat 'u can do it' je but our being supportive mestilah sama level dengan kesusahan dia nak berhenti merokok. So why not you being supportive by belikan dia nicotine chewing gum or electronic cigar or the new trends sekarang vapor. Buy for them and let them continue their effort from there. At least kita dah senangkan proses dia untuk berhenti merokok. Bukan setakat komplen, 

"my family takde sorang pun merokok so i tak suka orang merokok. I nak you berhenti sekarang!" 


standard lah kalau nak berhenti merokok kekadang tewas sebatang dua nak isap jugak, and frankly speaking your complaint doesn't help at all 

"kata nak berhenti merokok tapi still isap lagi da da da di da di we love to party bla bla bla"

As for the opposite gender, when you nampak your wife dah berisi and you don't like that changes, apa kata one day you balik dari rumah and you surprise her with this new limited edition nike shoe with her name on it (okay, kasut nike yang biasa pun dah nice what) and say

"sayang, abang ada beli kasut untuk sayang, weekend we go for jogging at klcc nak?"

Instead of complain complain and complain why not you be supportive like you really mean it. Help them, ease them into every step they'll take. Sambil menyelam minum air and in return you get her/his appreciation in a wonderful way.

Ini duk komplen orang nih merokok lah busuklah, kalau kenal approach them practice small kindness and help them. huh?

Hafeez Darraji