Cry of the Borrower

This lump of flesh that I have in my chest,
It beats for the One to whom it belongs to,
But being an ungrateful borrower that I am,
I give it away to one who deserves it not.

For shame! A total disregard of the Owner!
Such a beautiful Owner, Who is still there,
Even though I gave it away, more than once,
He is there, willing to recover a broken item.

Now, I hold on to it close. Lock it so tightly,
Trying so hard not to give you the golden key,
Realize this, I am merely a poor key keeper,
Entrusted by the Keymaker to keep it safe.

Until one day. That day. How I long for that day!
That blessed day when the keys switch hands,
Please, keep mine safe! I will keep yours safer,
Unlock the hearts, for His permission was earned.

by aiman azlan 31.12.2011

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin
ikhlas; Hafeez Darraji


Program Tunas Muda & Tautan Kasih

A photo(s) update on my experience to live and be friend with masyarakat orang Asli at Kampung Pos Bersih, Ulu Slim Perak.

We reached Kampung Pos Bersih around 9PM.
After breaking our fast we were divided into 4 groups;
Alpha (Pos 3), Beta (Pos 2), Charlie (Pos 1), Delta (Gersau)

Next day, we are given a 'uniform' to be wear till the end of the program.

This is our campsite (Charlie's), been set up by our self a night before.

Short briefing by Sir Rozaidi & Papa Joe

Tok Batin Sani (wearing blue)

It is compulsory to meet up with 'tok batin' or ketua kampung and ask his permission to do program(s) in his village.

Our first task is profilling. Collecting data of every families that occupied or stay in the village.
We divided our group into 2 units; Charlie A & Charlie B.

Profilling 1

Profilling 2

Some of 'Orang Asli' kids ask for photo while we on duty (profilling).

Profilling 3

Dr Azuan (wearing black vest) checking one of the patient

Our next task is to set our own mobile clinic.
General check up for the villagers.

Salman measuring height & weight of patient

Fadia taking blood to measure patient 'glucose level'

View from outside Clinic

We Cooks our own food for break fast.
Meatball & Rendang.

Meeting & discussing on tomorrow programs

Next morning,
Abah Hamzah & Abah Dahalan shares their experience while serving for Malaysian Army (Commando 69)

Around 2.00PM; we distribute some foods for the villagers.
(rice, coffee, soy ketchup, sardine, etc)

Acheng and the kids.

Then, we proceed with activity for the kids.

'Malay Traditional' bowling


Musical Chair


We manage to attract the teenagers to join our activities which is football tournament.

Two out of six teams that enrolled for the tournament.

Some of activities on the evening been cancelled
(hygiene program, break fast with Orang Asli, etc)
because of the rain.

Next day, each group gather back at base camp and present their report from the beginning till the end of the programmes

Headmaster of Sekolah Kebangsaan Pos Bersih gives us a very inspirational and motivational speech.

At the end of the program we take some time and 'chillax' by the river

We are Sahabat MRA !


They are like brother and sister to each other.

Yok Terbang with his 'Kambing' ; Carlos & Jibe

Last but not least, my favorite kid; Sanusi

Besides looking for a new experience, friends, having fun or maybe influence (in future) there are more important things than that, which is to learn others culture, life & socioeconomy and the most important is to give what you can give.

"Cintailah saudara kamu sebagaimana kamu menyayangi diri kamu sendiri"

p/s: be a part of solution

thanks to Yok Terbang and his family, Tok Batin Sani and all the villagers. Big salute to all Charlie team members and also to all participants. Not to forget a big gratitude and thanks to all MRA's trainers.

Hafeez Darraji



'cintailah sesuatu itu sekadarnya, boleh jadi ia menjadi kebencianmu pada suatu masa,
& bencilah sesuatu itu sekadarnya, boleh jadi ia menjadi kecintaanmu pada suatu masa'

kekadang pengetahuan dan mata pemerhatian kita terhad kepada perkara yang dekat dengan kita atau dalam kelompok kita sahaja. Kalau kita selongkar kehidupan kita berjalan, melihat dan mentafsir sesuatu yang baru. Keluar dari zon selesa, meneroka tempat tempat baru, berkenalan dengan jasad jasad baru. Masa itu kita dapat lihat yang selama ini kita terkurung dalam kesempitan kelompok. KECIL.

"kalau kita cuba luaskan horizon horizon itu, kita akan nampak kelebihannya"

Hafeez Darraji



i used to remember when i played rugby during my school age. My Coach which is also Head of Disciplinary Teacher in School, with his mustache and no-smile-face all the time used to treat me hard during rugby training. I remember one practice in particular.

"You're doing it all wrong. Go back! Do it again!"

I tried to do what he wanted. It wasn't enough. He said again;

"You owe me. Lembik! You're doing push ups after practice. You seem the worst to represent the school"

When i finally dismissed, one of my senior came over to reassure me.
"Coach seem a little bit harsh on you, didn't he?" he said.

and I stare down to earth and said "yes."

"That's a good thing," the senior told me. "When you're screwing up and nobody says anything to you anymore, that means they've given up on you."

from zero to hero. when i first played rugby, I was this weak boy with no skills, no strength, no pace, know nothing about rugby. but now i'm still playing this so called gentlemen games. and i'm proud of it.

p/s: instead of labeling someone as 'membebel', 'jaga tepi kain', or try to change you. take that as a positive manner/way to reform the better you

because they love and care for you

Hafeez Darraji