Most people don't experience the life of their dreams simply because they quit way too easily. Not giving up on your dreams also means to be smart however. You can try all you want but if you're taking the wrong set of actions, you're not going to get very far.

Life is going find way to test you. At times, you may feel that life is unfair. The urge to quit during these times are the highest but don't give in. Whatever your dream is, if it's important to you, then fight for it. Just remember that there is more than one way to achieve your dreams. If one way doesn't work, just change your strategy. Never giving up doesn't mean you keep doing the wrong things over and over, it means to be smart and figure out the correct actions to take and then taking them until you achieve your dreams.

p/s: We are still young, and young people don't have any real problems

Hafeez Darraji


  1. @miss neuropsychologist

    fight fight fight !

  2. Terima kasih atas kata-kata semangan abg bed :>

  3. @imran

    aku paling respect dgn manusia pergi gym/workout macam kau. seriously pain, tired, sore and all the shit in one time. but people like you still carry on and do it. mashaallah !