Cry of the Borrower

This lump of flesh that I have in my chest,
It beats for the One to whom it belongs to,
But being an ungrateful borrower that I am,
I give it away to one who deserves it not.

For shame! A total disregard of the Owner!
Such a beautiful Owner, Who is still there,
Even though I gave it away, more than once,
He is there, willing to recover a broken item.

Now, I hold on to it close. Lock it so tightly,
Trying so hard not to give you the golden key,
Realize this, I am merely a poor key keeper,
Entrusted by the Keymaker to keep it safe.

Until one day. That day. How I long for that day!
That blessed day when the keys switch hands,
Please, keep mine safe! I will keep yours safer,
Unlock the hearts, for His permission was earned.

by aiman azlan 31.12.2011

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin
ikhlas; Hafeez Darraji