.::Happy 24th Anniversary::.

It has always been nice to be at home on your anniversary.
However because this time a face to face greeting isn't quite possible....
Hope you remember that miles can't distance people who are close to the heart,
because they are only a wish away:

Wishing you
to understand each other always ...
Wishing you
to stand by each other at all times
Wishing you
to keep the passion in your relationship afresh...
And wishing you
everlasting love
to keep the beauty in your marriage alive....

Always by ur { MOHD ROZAIN & NORAINI} side:
.::Adam, Afiq, Akid, Aqil, Arif, Ainaa, Ammar::.

p/s: "ya allah ko kekalkanlah ikatan yg ko takdirkan ini, pjgkan umur dan murahkan
rezki pasangan ini, jauhkan pasangan ini dari kesempitan dan kesusahan. moga rahmatmu
sentiasa bersama pasangan ini dan keluarganya....Amin"

viva la vida in love;