.::L 'meet'ing::.

Wednesday,Wangsa Maju- L(KL branch) 'meet'ing was held at Johnny's Restaurant, Alpha Angle, Wangsa Maju. The organiser,Afiq said, "it was held in glorious way, and i am so glad and the meeting is like a dream come true. I want to thank my friends Khai, Faiz and Wan because they are willing to spend their time to make sure the meeting can be realised." They are enjoying the steamboat with 'ala carte' menu and also drinks and desserts (ex;spinach noodle with bbq chicken, banana split, honeydew milkshake, etc...). Ater finished their meal they went shopping and seek for present as the mom's day is just around the corner. When writer ask about other members that can't joined the meeting, he added "i'm quite sad and want to apologise them, we are just like brothers, so without one of us it is nothing." Afiq also hope that they will be another meeting and hope everybody of L(all branches) willing to attend and gather together. Only the time will decide it!!!