Lesson to be taught

When I was in secondary school I always thought that, a person who can twirl/spin pen on his fingers is so cool. I decided to give it a try, so i could be cool like them. But you know, how many times I tried yet I still fail to do it. I started to think, maybe only certain people with specific type of fingers will be able to do it. So I stop trying and accept the fact that I'm not cool at all.

One year after that, during my night prep session. While I'm concentrating on my reading, suddenly I grab a pen and try once again. Surprisingly I manage to spin it well. Since that when ever I'm holding a pen and try to spin it I will remember those failure that I've made before.

In life, when i'm having trouble/problems in doing something or stuck at dead end i will always remember this "how to spin pen on your finger" story. Which at first i already knew that i will not be able to make it. I keep on trying until I manage to get it done. and it can always be done!

There is nothing impossible in this world. If others can do it, why can't we?

Hafeez Darraji