Speaking Words of Life

After each obstacles we going through, we will found more truly about ourselves that we never realized before; even the most simplest thing such as 'shoe size'. Create happiness by knowing ourselves is such a blissful moment that we will appreciate for the rest of the life.

When we take a step out of our comfort zone, sure we will push our limits, and we may feel all the discomforts that come with change, but at least we're growing. And by that I mean learning, and becoming aware of the miracles that come our way; they are all there to teach us something about ourselves and in the end knowing ourselves is really the most important thing because if we know ourselves we know what we want, we know where we are and where we need to go, and we know our power to change and grow.

And we will realize that life truly is less complicated once we take full responsibility for it.

p/s: At my best :)

Hafeez Darraji