Hotels and Camp In Dahab, Egypt. Review

I just got back from Dahab for my Winter Break vacation. Such a beautiful place with peaceful environment make me fall in love with Dahab. its not a realy nightlife type of place with bars and clubs, but its very safe, quiet and a great place to relax. don't limit yourself to the beach though, go out and walk through the village. in dahab you can do many activities there, such as snorkelling, quadbike, cycling along the beach, ride camel in the desert, drink bedouin tea(delicious), play soccer, eat seafood, etc.

i went snorkeling, and took a jeep to reach the blue hole. I went and snorkeled in fairly shallow (2 feet deep) water with chunks of coral, some fish, and lots and lots of sea urchins. such a beautiful environment you can see down there in the sea.
Quad Biking in dahab is simply fantastic. It is a great way to explore the coast and mountains. A lot faster than a camel and much more fun! The bikes, powered by a hefty 200cc engine, tear you around the baron landscape. The guide will take you off the beaten track and around the beautiful valleys that are dug out by the Sinai Mountains, you will explore the coastline and skid through a few sand dunes all in a few hours.
but my holiday were spoiled by the accommodation service by AUSKI CAMP. Low standard service, smelly toilet, itchy bed, bad condition of cooking space and unclean places. Since i heard they offer among of the lower prices for traveler in dahab but with that kind of services I am so disappointing. Auski Camp owner also not friendly, he and I keep arguing for some small thing and no respect at all to me as a traveler. The Auski Camp workers also make me annoying when they acting jerk when welcome me on the first day.
if i'm not staying in Auski Camp, maybe my journey and travel will be a lot and much fun. I need to read all the reviews about the hotels and camp before i booked and stay there...

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  1. ouh cool!! dah pulang? minus the camp,it seems to me dat ur enjoying the trip..good for you :)

    happy holidays ;)

  2. hey, dgr cte blk msiaa? gle super duper coooll!
    really having fun in dahab except for the accomodation la...
    hepi holiday tooo:)

  3. bilik 110 jgk yg bes..mungkin sbb kami x biase hidup mewah kot.. hihi ;p ape2 pn kami tetap bersyukur kerana ade ABG BED!~ mari ke dahab lagi!

  4. ahahaha....btol2. bilik 110 gak yg wat rekod...hehehe
    jom, nnti kitaorg wat trip lagi 3 hari kat sinai 1 hari je kat Dahab. ok?? hahaha

  5. aah i balik malaysia..u nk pesan ape2 tak? i nk bwk satu beg milo sahaja.hahahahahaha ;p

  6. ahahaha...mane cukup satu beg milo, paling kurang pun 2 ke 3 ke...
    ouh nak bawakkan ke?? ermmm nak ape erk?? ha! i nak kedai mamak satu!

  7. yelah i bawak blk milo je nnti tak pyh bawak bnda lain...40kg utk milo SHJ! ;p

    hahah..adeh..mamak berat sgt la u..lebeyh muatan..ngee...tpi klo nk pesan bnda kecil2 yg i mmpu bwk tu,bleh je nk tlg bwkkn..heee.. :)