.::Secret Recipe::.

errmmm...where should is start?? Secret recipe?? familiar huh??
rite now i'm quite busy since i WORK at secret recipe...
how i suddenly can work at secret recipe?? hurmmm...
the strory sounds like this:
3/7-after watching hancock at klcc, while queing at lrt station, i saw an advertisment "vacancy needed at burger king", so i ask my friend to jog down the num... on the way back home, from the train i saw another advertisment that stated "jawatan kosong di jaya jusco" and again i jog down the number...
4/7-after jumaat prayer, 1st i call a boutique shop that 'she' said 'penuh sudah"....the i call jusco, wanna ask details about the job...then 'she' said that i have to undergo an interview at de palma hotel... so i take a shower and prepared myself for the interview. Suddenly when i looked at my mobile, there is 1 misscall from my friend(he always misscall hoping that i will call him back) i call my friend...he said "weh, aku kat secret recipe nih, diaorang nak pakai pekerja dowh"... i canceled my plan to go for the interview and went to secret recipe... after i fill in the form and short talk with the manager then i got the job...'she' said..."ok esok datang kol 2pm taw"
5/7-1st day my shift at secret recipe, 2pm

today is my second day, i just came back and doing this blog...quite tired done my job till closing. cause the workers are so few and i don't have the exactly time in working... there i am quite 'shy-shy cat' with the staff...but it only 2 days and i have more time to show the real of Aphids(hehe)...
tomorrow will be my busy day because i start work at 10am and tomorrow also, secret recipe will start their new promotion...RM 10 for bbq,mushroom,blackpeper grilled chicken and ice lemon tea for free with every purchase of the meal... so let's go to the secret recipe, this cheap promotion will last till 6th August 2008...

Secret Recipe...:)P



  1. wah..
    lepas ni afiq bleh le blanje kitorng..

  2. dhiya nearly kerja kat sR taw. but then mom called said.. GET MY DAUGHTER TO QUiT NOW! malu2

  3. oh yeah??? where?? best wo keje secret recipe...:)P